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Sep 28, 2012 6:00pm EDT
, alice walker. >> a lot of things and "the color purple," happen to my family long before i was born. my grandmother was murdered by a man who wanted to be her lover. >> we will also speak with alice walker about her longtime support for the rights of palestinians. last summer, she is one of the activists on the freedom flotilla and a challenging israel's embargo of the gaza strip. >> we actually tried to cross the water to get to the people of gaza, especially to the children, who need to know that the world is here in the world cares and the world sees. a lot of us love them and we do not agree that they should be brutalized and harm. >> and with less than 40 days to go before the presidential election, alice walker will read her new poem, "democratic womanism." >> you ask me why i smile when you tell me you intend in the coming national election to hold your nose and vote for the lesser of two evils. there are more than two evils out there is one reason, i smile. >> all of that and more coming up. this is "democracy now!,", the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. w
Sep 25, 2012 11:35pm PDT
in alice, one of the leadest appraisal experts to help. >> we need a hatchet. >> she said the overgrown yard is a big problem. >> this is deferd maintenance. >> reporter: maintenance counts. an appraiser can take off thousand of dollars for having an unkempt yard. >> reporter: in the kitchen, jessica already stripped down the cabinets and painted them white but alice wants the fawcett updated. >> it makes it look jazzier. >> reporter: she said don't redo the entire kitchen. adding a new facet could be considered an update and adds value. >> then the office. >> reporter: down stairs it's out with the old and in with the new. alice said an old tv can actually make the whole room look dated. >> and she notices this. >> is there a reason why there's carpet on top of carpet? >> carpet on top of carpet will read like a stain. don't want to give the appraiser the impression you're hiding something. also there's some things you should high. >> i'm struck by fruit and a sword on the mantle. >> reporter: pack away personal touch, art, religious artifacts, houses like saltine cracker, simple and b
Sep 11, 2012 6:00pm EDT
years of a spit fire meet alice dixon coming up. >>> one of the first african american women to serve in the army celebrates a big milestone today. anita, she turns 105. >> hard to even fathom. anny hong introduces us to alice dirks dickson. >> god has been good to me, very good. he left me with a few marbles. >> more than a few, many would say. >> go to a nightclub. >> funky, feisty, and sharp as a tack. alice dickson shows no signs of showing down. miss dickson is the oldest resident here which has a nursing home wing. you can see the staff threw a celebration for her, a big party for a woman with an even bigger sense of humor. >> she loves telling jokes. at 31, she entered the u.s. army as one of the first african american women. something she never thought much about. >> i thought i was as good as everybody else. she joined after she was diagnosed with having a skin condition that causes loss of pigment. >> i thought the army knew all the answers. i said remove those spots. i went to dermatology, i was crying. i said can you remove those spots? he said, you are going to be
Sep 12, 2012 12:00pm EDT
of the first black women to enter the u.s. military. and now at 105 years old, alice dickson still has fighting spirit. we're going to take you to her birthday celebration. >>> apple gets ready for its big announcement. i'm bigad shaban, san francisco, for what's expected to be the unveiling of the new iphone. the story coming up. >>> apple is set to unveil another trinket in the tech world. bigad shaban is in san francisco where the company is expected to introduce its newest smartphone. >> reporter: apple got dressed up for the occasion transforming a san francisco theater for its media event where the company is expected to take the wraps off the iphone 5. it's the biggest launch since the death of c.e.o. steve jobs and tech experts predict some significant changes. >> the big one is a larger screen, something that's taller. also 4g. this is the faster wireless networking technology. >> reporter: analysts are also expecting a design change in the connector ditching the 30 pin model. that could frustrate those who invested in accessories. >> we invested a lot of money buying this product and
Sep 17, 2012 11:00pm EDT
and alan simpson and former white house budget director alice rivlin. this is about three hours. >> this is the start of congressional hearing that unlike the past when i waited for them i get to start. thank you all very much for coming. my name is john hamre and i'm the president of a -- and very honored we are given a chance to partner with these other very important institutions to bring to the public debate, the debate we should be having. i hate to say it but congress is heading out of town and i don't know if you saw the poll ratings but they have 12% popularity. that is because the for it combination of reasons. they are not doing their job and we need, we need politicians to help us find solutions for america, more now than ever and that is the reason we are offering this to our colleagues, to try to provide a debate we should be having in america. i have said on other occasions, we are facing the most perilous times from a national security standpoint in my memory but the threat is thread is not outside the united states at this time. at their inability to get their ac
Sep 21, 2012 8:00am PDT
to have all three of you here. alice start with you. the race is becoming a tape gotcha game. the president's campaign responding to romney's remarks by digging up something mitt romney said back in 2008, basically parallels what the president said. take a look. >> i believe that at this time to change washington it would be helpful to have somebody that comes with more private sector skill. experience outside washington. i don't think you change washington from the inside. i think you change it from the outside. >> so alice, romney was slammed for a jumping on the situation in libya. jumped on the redistribution remarks kind of pulling them out of context, now giving another knee-jerk reaction by seizing on the change remarks. when basically he campaigned that way back in '08. why does it seem so different from mitt romney in his own words from '08 to what the president said on univision the other day? >> well, there's a big difference in romney saying it and president obama saying it. when obama is saying the big evidence thing he's learned, you can't change washington from
Sep 16, 2012 1:20pm EDT
. >> with your background? >> i was born and raised in israel. i read alice shrek of 16. i was a committed socialist. and it changed my life. i served in the military for three years, got an undergraduate degree in civil engineering. after reading alice shrek of one of the come to america. it's very much one of things that manuel to come here. and so i came here as a student. the masters, my nba, the university of texas in austin. i was a finance professor in the bay area. then in 2000i took over running the is to. >> what is your enthusiasm level for them and romney? >> it's not high. it's primarily motivated by the current administration. almost anybody of the kern of restoration, and none disaster all. i think he's not a very articulate defender of capitalism, free markets. he can't even unfortunately articulate the case for private equity which again is something about. he can't even defend that. i think he is a week candid, week defender of the ideas that he purports to adhere to i think the republicans could have done a lot better, but he is the ultimate, so i will be voting for the
Sep 1, 2012 12:07am PDT
know, i'm leaving. after school, alice and delores park thinking about human behavior. >> i don't know what people want to -- from me, for real. i have to say i think people just want me to be perfect. but you know what? i am capable of doing anything. it doesn't matter who i am or the way i look. what matters is the effort. i will study more. >> alice studied hard. she gets automatic a's. she's on the honor roll! -- she gets all a's. she's on the honor roll. >> oh, my god. i can't believe it? you see? i am capeable. don't call me dummy. now who do you think schnur i am a girl with just good grades. >> the morale of this story is that no matter what people think about you, all you have to do is show who you really are. even if the situation isn't good for you, you must make the best effort you can and you will succeed in this life. jenny chuasiriporn did -- life. [cheers and applause] >> all right. yell about the shooting, about the killings. mothers don't remember reality. phone call. angers, her client. who the media pictures fighting and screaming. wife drops the bottle. neighbors.
Sep 27, 2012 4:25am EDT
started a collection of photos with his daughter alice. these are phenomenal. the photos show alice in precarious situations and they all have one thing in common. a coffee mug that says world's best father. he says almost all of the pictures are photo shopd, of course -- photoshoped and his daughter was never in any danger. stay with us on nbc. he and his daughter alice will be on this morning's "today" show right here on nbc 4. just so delightful. she is so cute. later in life, she'll look back on these photos and be so happy that her dad went to the effort. >> or mortified. >> look how cute she is. >> that's nice. you see so many baby pictures, that's definitely another way to do it. >> so creative. >> good for him. >> still to come this morning, we have much more on the late night deal between the nfl and its referees. >>> also coming up, yet another reason why you should make it a priority to enjoy a little chocolate. >>> first though, the new record that may have you dreading your next trip to the atm. >>> talk about >>> record high atm fees may make you think twice about wher
Sep 19, 2012 1:00am PDT
kinnon, former bush and mccain media advisor and alice stewart. she worked with the bush campaign. paul begala, senior advisor to a leading pro-obama super pac and john king. mark, what do you make of this? you wrote a column about this for the daily beast, it will be in tomorrow. i read it. you quote michelle obama at the democratic convention in her speech, she said being president reveals who you are. you say so do campaigns and you're not happy with what's being revealed about mitt romney. how so? what do you think this tape reveals? >> well, there's a lot of us who have been waiting for a long time for some seminal moment for mitt romney to reveal his character and unfortunately, i'm afraid that this tape is exactly what that does but not in the way we had hoped for. it's getting harder to support him, getting harder to defend him. you know, i talked a lot about how i remember in september 2000, things were difficult, the dark days of september, and easy to bounce back, but when you start casting off half the country as victims, that causes a lot of pause for independents and people like
Sep 18, 2012 6:00am EDT
, pete do min chi and alice rivlin who cochaired the debt reduction task force. both groups spent nearly a year debating the issues and working out consensus solutions. each issued reports late in the year of 2010. both plans dealt with the deficit challenge in a comprehensive way. they put everything on the table. both of them required compromises between democrats and republicans, but they did it, and we'll hear more about that from them. i'm -- a lot of people are frustrated because they think these plans are no longer applicable. i don't agree with that. i think they're very much alive and well. i think there are a lot of people on capitol hill who understand that we have to deal with this in a comprehensive way. i think there are a lot of people that are now growing, there's a growing support for some emerging plan that would be very much like the plans we're going to be discussing. and we have the committee for responsible federal budget led by maya mcgiven necessary that are helping organize some of the events that will happen after the election. so the plans are alive and well an
Sep 17, 2012 12:00pm EDT
budget director alice rivlin and senate budget, former senate budget committee chairman pete domenici. they are going to discuss various bipartisan plans to cut the debt. this is just beginning. you're watching live coverage here on c-span2. >> we're facing the most perilous time from a national security standpoint in my memory but the threat is not outside the united states. it's inside. it is our inability to get our act together, is in my view the greatest risk we face from a national security standpoint. we want to drill in on this today, and i want to say a special thank you to these remarkable leaders who have decided, talking with chairman gray and he said that he has been spending too much time on the outside avoiding trouble. now he realizes the country needs him to get in the middle of it to make trouble. i'm very grateful he is willing with to do something like that. let me turn it to sam nunn, my chairman. one thing i say when you work for a senator, you work your whole life for them. i mean the advantage of coming to csis i get paid working for him. so he is the chairman
Sep 21, 2012 1:00am PDT
and alice stewart former spokesman for the santorum and bachman 2012 presidential campaigns. mark, let's start with you. right after the romney fund-raising tape came out, you said you weren't too happy with what the campaign was revealing about mitt romney. you've seen how he's responded over the past few days, talking about his own family's experience with government assistance, for example, telling people he wants to represent the 100%. are you happy with the way he's addressed the situation? >> well, wolf, it's an improvement. it's been 48 hours now without a gaffe or without another new tape so that's a good sign. the thing that strikes me that's interesting about the campaign is that romney's goal in this campaign was to make it a referendum on obama. obama's goal was to make it a choice and oddly now it's become a referendum on romney. all the focus now is on romney and who he is. now, the upside for that for romney is he has an opportunity to reveal his vision, his goals, his policies in a way that we really haven't heard before because i think now he realizes and the campaign
Sep 27, 2012 5:00am EDT
alice. all of those photos show alice in precarious situations and they all have one thing in common. that coffee mug that says world's best father. he says almost all of these pictures are photoshoped. no worries, his daughter was never in any danger with these. and she looks like she's winning right there anyway. this collection of photos has gone viral. to see more of the pictures, stay tuned to nbc 4 here. he and his daughter alice will be on the "today" show this morning right here on nbc 4. flipping pancakes, apparently. >> those photos are so delightful. they just put a smile on your face. everyone's face. and it helps that she is just too cute, too. >>> mcdonald's adding something to hundreds of restaurants that you can't eat, but you might like. >>> and this morning an art group says it will prove a controversial claim why they say this mona lisa may not be one of a kind. >>> and some rain in the region. are >>> and now, from washington's leading news station this is news4 today. >> breaking news this morning.
Sep 27, 2012 6:00am EDT
alice. the photos show alice in precarious situation and they all have one thing in common, that coffee mug that says world's best father. he says almost all of the photos are photoshoped and his daughter was never in any danger. stay with nbc. he and his daughter alice will be on this morning's "today" show. these photos are so terrific to me. the creativity and how fun they are. i hope he'll enjoy those in future years. >> probably has a book on his hands, too. a coffee table book. >> look at you with the idea. >>> the sun is on its way up this morning. a few clouds still blocking just a bit. veronica, some showers, too. >> that's right. in the northern parts of our area across northern maryland right now, we do have a few somehowers that are sliding through. scattered crowds right now, sunrise today, 7:01. so here we are right now. the wind light, humidity, there's a little bit out there. just came in from outside. i didn't get any of those showers because those are up to the north around frederick, around areas of hagerstown. i think they're going to come sliding right through areas
Sep 12, 2012 5:00am EDT
.s. military. >> now she's 105. there's alice dickinson and she still has the fighting spirit. we are going to take you to her birthday celebration coming up next. >> they are informing joe citizen about the issues and influencing what becomes law on capitol hill. oh, yeah, they're creating jobs right here in the district. we have a cup of coffee with the founder of a red hot start- up in d.c. that's coming up at 6:12. you're watching 9news now. >>> good morning. >> welcome back. one of the first african- american women to serve in the u.s. army has passed a big milestone. she turned 105. >> anny hong found alice to be a woman of life, laughter and wisdom. >> god has been good to me, very g. he left me with a few marbles. >> reporter: more than a few many would say. spumpgy, feisty and -- spunky, feisty and sharp as a talk. alice dickinson shows no signs of slowing down. she's the oldest resident here at the v.a. medical center which has a nursing home wing. you can see the staff through a sell -- threw a celebration for her. it was a big party for a woman with an even bigger sense of humor
Sep 7, 2012 4:30am PDT
was and what it together to build an alice in republican presidential nominee also campaigned in new hampshire while running mate have run and a visit to nevada. >>> the economist on expect much change though. the nation has about zero hundred 35,000 jobs last month the unemployment report will be unchanged at 8.3%. >>> the password 245 points yesterday to its highest since december 2007. the defense came after the european central lake without this plan to support feeling countries. >>> the first formal treaty has been held for chp officer killed in the line of duty on tuesday. >>> officer kent mark young strum and of what should suffice if 2012. >>> and the links the money for tinian young charms. officer young strong was shot in the gun show ahead tuesday morning. flags across the bay area are flying at half staff in his honor. some sentences the police officers are choosing to wear black dance across their badges as a sign of respect. several officers gun strums organs donated for lifesaving transplants. >>> this officers sent potentially up to eight people. >>> the officer had registered
Sep 17, 2012 10:00am PDT
secretary and now with priorities usa action super pac and alice stewart presidential secretary to the santorum presidential campaign. thank you very much. first to you, bill, what about the criticism that we're hearing from republicans against the president's handling of the arab -- so-called arab spring? >> well, it's really kind of pathetic. if you're the romney campaign, you can see why you would attack on foreign policy even though that's not really where this campaign has been or the centerpiece of your argument has been because nothing else seems to be working. the economic argument they've been making is not catching on out in the states and the fact that the president still has a little bit of an advantage in a tight race, i think is something that's probably really worrying romney and his advisors and supporters frankly. >> and alice i wanted to play a little bit of rick san iter to rum, the man you used to work with as well as working with michelle bachmann at the values voters weekend, what he had to say about us. >> we will never have the media on our side. ever in
Sep 27, 2012 8:00am PDT
that the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. and republican strategist alice. it's great to have all three of you here. both the candidates busy day in virginia today, this hour president obama is scheduled to speak at a rally of about 20,000 in virginia beach at an amphitheater there. that being one of the largest military communities in the country. at the same time, mitt romney is going to address vets at an american legion post in springfield. romney still has this huge money advantage, so how does he turn this thing around to make it worth his while with all that cash in reserves, can he be able to pull through in virginia and take it on to other places like north carolina? >> well, i think one of the things you see them doing already is doing the more direct ads. of course he had that ad where he's looking directly at the camera talking out his empathy, casting himself as a compassi compassionate person. i think you will obviously see that. and there are obviously looking at the debates as well as a real chance to clarify their positions. they feel like president obama and democrats have re
Sep 7, 2012 12:30pm PDT
analytical way. in other words, we look at an image and there is an alice going on. -- and there is an analys
Sep 8, 2012 10:30am PDT
the guns are bold. the incident that happened in alice griffith park, after they shot this man, they came back wanting to leave their mark the day before the funeral. that is bold. knowing that the police is a round, that is bold. we need to come together. let's make an effort to make sure that this is a safe city, a place we would all like to live in, and a place we want to see our kids continue to play. sometimes the kids cannot even go outside and play. i am assured the chief has got that on his mind and is going to make sure that will change. i am sure mr. alvarez has that on his mind. you heard the mayor -- it is going to change. let's get together, forget about yourself. it ain't about us. it is about them. you all ain't packing -- i hope not. you all are not committing crime after hours. i hope not. a lot of you seem a little old to do time. [laughter] i want to make sure everybody hears it, not only the people at the top, but all of us at the bottom are trying to make sure this thing works. without our kids, we have got no future. you can kid yourself all you want -- you have two
Sep 18, 2012 9:00am EDT
and to show that our democracy actually works. thank you. [applause] >> thank you very much, alice. thank you, pete. thank you alan. thank you, erskine. we will have a few questions. mike lux is when exactly 21 minutes when the time i think for everybody to ask a question. have more information on the table. i'm going to start with john, john kennedy did not get to ask a question, and i would rotate, built. >> thank you very much, mr. chairman, and thank all for you for your excellent work. it's been constructive to the process in an inn measurable way, in my judgment. i think we've had a structural deficit situation for at least six, maybe seven or eight years. and one of the frustration -- frustrations i've had is trying to explain the difference between a cyclical deficit and a structural deficit to people, number one. and number two, trying to instill in the general public a sense of urgency that i think this matter and situation requires. to any of you all have any suggestions about how we can, one, explaining to the american people that we can't raise taxes enough and we can't cut enoug
Sep 13, 2012 11:00pm PDT
other 2-year-old boy. until june when doctors told anthony and alice congress their son suffers from a rare form of leukemia and needs a bone marrow match by december. >> love and adore him. so yeah, it's hard to kind of see him and not know what's going to happen to him. so. >> ruby lot is fighting for the congress family. she just lost a friend to leukemia on tuesday. janet atlantic pleasanton posted a plea for a donor or line. she got a boneyard transplant after waiting three years. that was last week. she says that was too longing. >> it normally takes about 45 days. because she already received around 15 rounds of chemotherapy, her body is really week. >> getting people to sign up for the registry has been difficult. they blame superstition. >>> they don't want to talk about what could happen. it's don't say it or you'll jinx it. >> but these young parents are still fighting, not for one future but for two. with this is when jeremy first felt his brother kicking. alice wants jair i had to get the chance 0 grow up. we can't think what a great older brother he would be. >> i love
Sep 22, 2012 11:30pm PDT
the quality of life within our community. and also by the alice and viewers like you.dation thank you. >> smith: i'm evan smith. he's a tyleeshly retro rock musician and sometimes actor who covers elvis, johnnie cash, jerry lee lewis and his most recent release, beyond the sun. he's chris isaac. this is overheard. ♪ >> chris isaac, welcome. >> good to be here. >> nice to have you. good to meet you and congratulations on the record. >> thanks so much. already, but let me just tell you it's true. >> thanks. >> i think it's so much fun to listen to and congratulations on it, but mostly congratulations on covering all these greats we've heard for so manyt years and you don't seem small doing t you seem -- it's like they're your songs. >> you know, if i would have thought about it, i wouldn't have made this record. >> why s that? >> because if you think about it, it just doesn't make any sense. it was -- it's like, well, how dare you think you can sing an orbison tune or an elvis tune, but i wasn't thinking about that. i was just thinking this is going to be a lot of fun! it's kind of
Sep 22, 2012 1:30am EDT
>> a penny for your thoughts. >> do what? >> you're miles away. >> i was thinking about alice. she made a mistake going to lawnside and doesn't need nursing, does she? she needs some tender loving care. >> do you want her to come here? >> do you mind? >> it's only a couple of weeks after all. >> thank you. you're a very special kind of girl, you know that? >> we aim to please. >> oh, would you like these? >> i have read them. oh, detective stories. oh, no. i...i can't be doing with detective stories. i get confused with all those blue herrings. >> red. >> what? >> red herrings, dear, not blue. >> oh, well, whatever they are. no, just not my cup of tea. >> i'll just put these in the boot. >> mr. smithers. >> ah. >> you're soon back. >> oh, just come to collect my gear. i'm off to shrewsbury, a place near my daughter's. she thinks it's a good idea, but i'm not too sure myself. oh, listen. >> what? >> you can hear miss richards heaving a great sigh of relief. >> [chuckles] >> oh, the hospital sent my particulars to shrewsbury police, so don't worry. i shan't escape the long arm of the
Sep 11, 2012 11:00pm EDT
. >> like a man says to me, you don't talk old. >> reporter: alice dixon shows no signs of slowing down. she's the oldest resident here at the va medical center which has a nursing home wing. and you can see the staff threw a celebration for her. a big party with a woman with an even bigger sense of humor. she loves telling jokes. [ laughing ]. >> reporter: at 31, miss dixon entered the u.s. army as one of the first african-american women, something she never really thought much about. >> i thought i was just as good as everybody else. if they said anything to me, i said the [ bleep ] with you. sorry. >> reporter: she joined after she was diagnosed after having a skin condition that causes loss of pigment. >> i thought the army new all -- knew all of the answers. i said i'll join the army. i was crying. i said can you move those spots. he said you didn't have to move them. you're going to be white. i said you mean they got me mixed up? >> reporter: to keep her mind sharp, she reads the washington post every morning. >> you have to find out what is going on. i don't want to be here and be stu
FOX News
Sep 11, 2012 10:00am PDT
by a mother whose son was on that flight, united 93. alice hoagland has become a staple on the fox news channel on 9/11 each year. and there hasn't been a time that she's been on this channel that she hasn't moved many of us to tears just in the way she remembers that day and her son's brave actions and the perspective she has on that event and how it's changed america and what it means for all of us and our children. she's coming up. >>> well, in the wake of 9/11 president obama and governor mitt romney are taking a break from the campaign cycle, suspending their negative ads out of respects for the victims. however, a moment before we went on the air we got a report that senior obama campaign adviser david axlerod sent out a tweet challenging governor romney's tax plan and offering a kind of attack against him. that is just breaking. we'll have more on it just ahead. >>> well, brand new reports suggesting that national security is not necessarily at the top of president obama's list of priorities. data reportedly show that is the president skips his daily intelligence briefings more t
Sep 18, 2012 5:00pm PDT
. >> alice, this 47% that he's talking about, aren't these some of the vets, some of them old people who are on fixed incomes, aren't these people, is this really who mitt romney believes don't have any sense of personal responsibility, don't care about their lives and view themselves as victims? >> well, now, he addressed that in clarifying his statements and granted, this was a very important conversation to have. >> he didn't really address it, though. he kind of brushed by it. he said it was inelegantly phrased but i mean, he's constantly on the campaign trail saying president obama is trying to divide the nation. didn't he just divide the nation into two groups? >> well, that's the whole point. this is the narrative of the obama campaign which is class warfare. in the statement you mentioned that came out this afternoon, from president obama himself, saying that the trick of the government is to find a way to pool resources in order to facilitate the redistribution of wealth. >> i'm sorry, but how are you saying that 47% of the people view themselves as victims and have no sense of
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 280 (some duplicates have been removed)